Fleet Readiness & logistics Office (OPNAV N4).


The Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (OPNAV N4) staff shapes, anticipates, innovates, and leads Navy logistics to enable and sustain Fleet and Shore readiness, now and in the future. The staff issues policy, conducts program assessments, and serves as a Resource and Assessment Sponsor to plan, program, and resource the readiness requirements of the Navy Operating Forces and their Shore Installations.


OPNAV N4 enables responsive, adaptive, and effective logistics support to maximize and sustain readiness and enable the integration of Naval forces into the Joint force. OPNAV N4 is committed to creating and maximizing alignment between our Joint partners, the Secretariat, OPNAV staff, our Fleet Customers, the Warfare and Provider Enterprises, and our stakeholders.

Faced with an increasingly uncertain world and regional conflict, the demand for Fleer Readiness is expected to increase, but will be challenged by a constrained resource environment.

N4 will work tirelessly to ensure the optimal allocation of scarce resources across all readiness and logistics programs, promote responsible programming and stewardship of our environment, develop and implement policies governing logistics that are supported by best practices, and guide rhe Navy in developing and executing a peacetime, long-term energy strategy. N4 is responsible for a $31 billion annual budget, which includes 25% of the Navy's Total Obligation Authority and 71% of the Navy's OMN.



* Excel in Our Role as Resource/Assessment Sponsor to Ensure Afloat and Shore Readiness--N4 ensures our role as the Fleet Readiness and Logistics Resource Sponsor for the Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution System (PPBES). N4 works closely with US Fleet Forces (USFF) to ensure the optimal balance of Operational Availability and cost to support the Fleet Response Plan. Additionally, N4 develops and executes the CNO Shore Invesrment Straregy in close coordinarion wirh Commander Navy Insrallarions Command and the Fleet Readiness and Provider Enterprises. Additionally, N4 provides leadership in helping our Navy address future fiscal challenges while sustaining readiness and enhancing future core warfighting capabilities.

* Develop and Shape Logistics Policy and Processes to Enhance Readiness and Logistic Capabilities--N4 has the responsibility for Navy logistics policy that ultimately drives the Navy's support processes. N4 ensures...

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