Flannery, Sarah & Flannery, David (contributor). In code; a mathematical journey.

Author:Downey, Thomas J.
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

Algonquin. 341p. 1-56512-377-8. e2002. $6.00. SA

Many high school students do not enjoy mathematics, based on their experiences with the subject. This book, however, is the story of a young woman, Sarah Flannery, at the other end of the spectrum: very interested in mathematics after many positive experiences with it while growing up. Written with help from her father, the memoir chronicles her early years solving puzzles posed by her father, her experiences competing in national and international science/mathematics fairs, and some of the aftereffects of her successes. It is an engaging story, well told. and is interspersed with discussions of the mathematics of cryptography (as well as some interesting math puzzles and problems in the early chapters).

The writing is accessible to high school students, although some of...

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