Flaming, Allen & Scowen, Kate, comp. My crazy life; how I survived my family.

Author:Zachary, Nancy
Position:Book Review - Young Adult Review - Brief Article

Firefly, Annick Press. 128p. c2002. 1550377329. $9.95 J

Through editors that work directly with youth, original voices have been assembled that address the theme, "families can really make you crazy." We would all hope that families are safe havens, but these young people have written about their experiences when home is not supportive. The middle school writing style begins with the details about what has happened to them, and then inspirationally notes the actions that were taken to more forward. There is a good deal of sadness in writing about loneliness, abandonment, AIDS, suicide, child molestation, lesbian feelings, homelessness, and the sheer desperation of not...

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