Five stars?

Author:Johnston, Joannie

Do you have a list of the books which received a five-star rating from your magazine? I see lots of four-stars (and have been a subscriber for about 6-7 years, and keep every issue).

Joannie Johnston

Morris, IL

We get this question every once in a while. Our opinion here at Bookmarks is that a five-star rating means that the book is a true timeless classic. Do people still hold the book in high regard years later? Then it might make a five-star list.

I've been trying to track down a quote--unsuccessfully--that I seem to recall Lewis Lapham writing in one of his letters in Harper's magazine. He wouldn't read a novel until five years had passed since its publication. By then the publicity and furor of reviews would have died down, and he'd have a clearer head about whether or not the book...

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