FirstElement Fuel and Black & Veatch are working to rapidly bring hydrogen fueling stations to consumers in California who want a zero emissions option for their transportation needs. FirstElement Fuel selected Black & Veatch to engineer, procure and construct (EPC) 19 refueling stations across California.

The project represents the first stage of a comprehensive program for constructing a state-wide hydrogen fueling infrastructure network and is the single largest deployment of hydrogen fueling stations in the United States. The project is backed by grants from the California Energy Commission and by loans from Toyota.

"A lack of commitment to fueling infrastructure has been the major hurdle to the electrification of the automobile," said Joel Ewanick, CEO of FirstElement Fuel. "Building this hydrogen network takes that argument off the table. Black & Veatch's experience in building electrical vehicle charging infrastructure and distributed energy facilities nation- wide makes them an ideal provider for this program."

The hydrogen refueling stations will be located at existing gas filling stations across Northern and Southern California (see map).The stations represent a critical step in supporting greater adoption of zero-emission, hydrogen fuel cell technology for transportation purposes. Vehicles that use hydrogen fuel cells create a chemical reaction with the hydrogen to generate electricity and power an electric motor. Clean water vapor is the only exhaust from the vehicle.

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