First Tape & Label orders second DICEweb inkjet printer.

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First Tape & Label (FT&L), a label printer and specialty converter In Texarkana, AFS, USA, has ordered its second DICEweb color inkjet system from Prototype & Production Systems, Inc., of Plymouth, MN, USA, less than a month after getting its first DICEweb system up and running.

"The DICEweb is a 'win,' giving us speed, efficiency and perfect printing every time," says David Haak, founder and owner of First Tape & Label. "We get better consistency with the DICEweb printer than our flexo press. It doesn't matter if we print the label today, tomorrow or a month from today, the colors look the same,"

Haak adds: "We are able to print over twice as many labels per shift as we did with our previous inkget printer. With the DICEweb, we can queue up jobs and run three lanes across because every lane can be different. This reduces our waste and increases our productivity for short runs compared to conventional flexo. With all the advantages the DICEweb has given us it was an easy decision to order another one."

Chuck Raymond, president of PPSI, says, "First Tape & Label and PPSI's partnership is a great example of how we can take a break-through technology like the DICEweb...

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