First impressions: G43 selling points.

Author:Ayoob, Massad

As the most advertised and talked about product intro of 2015's second quarter, the Glock 43 deserves some attention. In its first try at the 25-yard bench, my test sample put five rounds of 115-grain Federal 9BP hollowpoint into 2.10 inches, and it felt as if I had pulled one of those shots a little bit. By then I'd observed more than a dozen men and women shooting it, and they had unanimously liked the new little Glock. Critics chided the company for waiting this long to introduce a slim-line 9mm, but their decision to wait and get it right seems to have been the correct one thus far.

While some customers may bemoan the 6+1 capacity--one round less than "concealment magazine" capacity with the competing S&W SHIELD and Springfield XD-S--Glock points out one design parameter was pocket-carry capability. This needed a shorter butt and accordingly, a shorter magazine. The Glock 43's round count and grip frame configuration are closer to another competitor in the market, the Kahr PM9 pistol.

Though an "industry outsider," Fox Business thought the G43 introduction was important enough to the firearms industry marketplace to warrant an article--which suggested Ruger (LC9) and S&W (SHIELD) will be hardest hit by this new Glock.

If I was behind the counter and a customer asked me if...

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