Author:Darymple, Deanne
Position:Product/service evaluation

Firefly, CD-ROM, 2006, KnowledgePlanet, $10000-$20000.

Thirty-three training and education professionals rated the authoring tools they have used regularly to create instructional content. This review summarizes the comments of the panelists who have used this product and presents their overall average rating. The 24 products the panel evaluated are included in the TMR Report on Leading Authoring Tools, edited by Deanne Darymple and Katica Roy.

Best Uses

One panelist used Firefly, an industrial strength enterprise-level simulation tool. It is good for creating training that necessitates decision-making skills because it allows branching based on learner decisions.

The reviewer noted that Firefly "is easy to use, requires no programming language, and the simulation product runs without plug-ins." The vendor, KnowledgePlanet, sells a variety of enterprise training solutions including a learning management system.

According to the vendor, "Firefly is the only rapid development tool that captures everything on the screen, including live menus, fields, buttons, tool tips, and keystrokes." Some other vendors of enterprise simulation authoring tools might dispute that statement. The word-of-mouth on Firefly is good. It is an option only for larger organizations that require ongoing, intensive simulation training--in most...

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