Firearm security with fingerprint technology.

Author:Parsons-Wraith, Lisa
Position:Arms and the Woman

Technology is the buzzword for today's lock boxes, and some of them seem right out of a science fiction novel. The BioSaf Inprint Fingerprint Safe is bright blue and uses the latest in biometric technology with a fingerprint sensor ensuring only an authorized user may open it.

It is fairly simple for your customers to learn to use this lock box. First, customers must "teach" the box to recognize the fingerprint of an authorized user. The box has room in its memory for 16 different fingerprints, but the manufacturer recommends using only two or four fingers scanned in several different positions.

To store their fingerprints in the system, your customers press the "learn" button on the inside of the safe and then place a finger on the optical sensor for 10 seconds. The system does not take a picture, but measures the physical characteristics of the fingerprint. The more fingerprint positions stored in the system, the quicker it will permit access to the safe.

To open the safe, a "learned" finger is placed on the sensor, which then compares the fingerprint's unique pattern to those stored in its memory bank. If an accurate match is made, the safe springs open, usually in two to three seconds.

Like most lock boxes, the BioSaf has a hidden lock, which can be opened with a key for auxiliary access. Unlike most other lock boxes, however, the keyhole is hidden behind a plastic plate that's attached with screws.

The BioSaf is...

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