At their fingertips: software monitors and charts product quality data in real-time.

Position:SPC software - Company overview

With annual sales of $21.9 billion, Raytheon Co., a company dealing with defense and government electronics, space, information technology, technical services, and business and special mission aircraft, didn't get to be an industry leader by accident.


In its mission for a quality control process that had to be precise and accurate, Raytheon turned to software for real-time data collection and analysis. The company is using InfinityQS' real-time Statistical Process Control (SPC) Software to improve product quality by identifying areas that need improvement.

Competition is driving companies to innovate, especially to produce higher quality products at a low cost. Quality issues resulting in scrap or rework, and production inefficiencies such as over-inspection, manual data collection and/ or incapable machines, create unique challenges for manufacturers looking to maximize production capabilities.


Raytheon's Vision, Strategy, Goals and Values are the foundation of the company, as is a commitment for strategic growth, establishing an inclusive culture, improving productivity, and providing customers with Mission Systems Integration, Mission Support and Mission Assurance for each product and servicer.

Overcoming complex challenges requires solutions that interact with existing infrastructures while offering the scalability to grow with business needs, a low cost, and high ROI.

Raytheon required powerful, feature rich analytics software to enable real-time process management as silicon wafers were produced with highly precise specifications.

To gain a competitive advantage, companies today are employing continuous improvement activities that contribute to manufacturing excellence by monitoring the variation that naturally occurs in manufacturing processes (or machines), as well as the processes themselves.

Because Raytheon provides state-of-the-art electronics, mission systems integration and other mission support services to the defense industry, it is vital for the company to achieve the highest standards of quality. Raytheon's culture encourages the development of innovative process improvements that create value for customers.

The company requires 100 percent accuracy with its products, and to meet this specification, it required that all the software in the manufacturing line be compatible.

SPC is a widely used statistical method for quantifying process characteristics, pointing to areas where...

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