Finding clarity.

Author:McCann, Rob
Position:SPEAK UP - Letter to the editor

[In "Man Alone" from the September 2016 issue] the author was lost on his hike and stated, "There's nothing worse than not knowing where you are." He meant literally. It hit me personally. It came to me that most of us are lost in what we are doing, who we are and where we are going. Do we even know ourselves?

I had been feeling lost myself. SUCCESS came to me in something called The Little Free Library while I was out for a walk with my family. I read it cover to cover as did my wife and daughter. We subscribed right away. I told the people at my office about this magazine and as well. One agent in my office said her husband left the magazine in the library so I would find it. I am glad he left it.

I have been reading and finding more...

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