Financial report.

Author:Falender, Andy
Position:2016 FISCAL YEAR IN REVIEW - Conservation Law Foundation's financial report

Over the past fiscal year, which closed on July 31, 2016, CLF once again demonstrated fiscal responsibility by balancing our finances and ending the year with an operating surplus.

We achieved these results even as we continue to invest in the core administrative areas of Development and Communications--investments that are showing a positive return. Not only are current donors giving more, we have also seen an influx of new supporters to the organization.

At the same time, we have amplified our public profile with a stronger presence in traditional and social media while more effectively engaging our supporters through email, local events, and other outreach.

Our endowment fund is also strong, as we benefited from the receipt of a number of bequests. This is an important source of support that I hope all of us will consider.

As I begin my first fiscal year as Treasurer, I am honored to follow in the footsteps of Gene Clapp, who served as CLF's treasurer for nearly 20 years. Gene's dedicated leadership has helped us achieve our current financial strength and stability and we are grateful for his service and commitment.

I also want to acknowledge all of you, the generous members and volunteers who make it possible for CLF to accomplish so much. You are the key to our success and your support has never been more important than it is right now. We have new challenges ahead, yes, but also new opportunities, and we are thankful to have you by our side as we continue to pursue groundbreaking initiatives that benefit all New Englanders.

Andy Falender Treasurer Board of Trustees

SOURCES OF OPERATING FUNDS Total Operating Funds: $9,135,841 Earned Income $585,602 Individuals $3,351,221 Foundations $5,199,018 Note: Table made from pie graph. USES OF OPERATING FUNDS Total Operating Expenses: $8,433,099 General & Administrative $1,517,126 Advocacy Programs $6,091,719 Development $824,254 NET ASSETS [as of July 31, 2016] Unrestricted Net Assets: $4,441,631 Temporarily Restricted Net Assets: $6,171,818 Permanently Restricted Net Assets: $5,587,509 TOTAL $16,200,958 Note: Table made from pie chart. SUPPORTERS AND FRIENDS OF CLF

The following individuals, foundations, and organizations supported CLF during the 2016 Fiscal Year, August 1, 2015, through July 31, 2016. Their generosity and shared vision--of a healthy, thriving New England for all--have made CLF's work possible. We thank our invaluable members whose continuing support helps protect New England's environment for all. THANK YOU.

President's Circle: $50,000+

John and Nancy Hammond

Mr. and Mrs. Horace A. Hildreth, Jr.

Mr. Douglas M. Kinney

Sara Molyneaux and Donald F. Law, Jr.

Michael and Donna Moskow

Ms. Diana E. Oehrli

The Estate of Ms. Pamela M. Smith

Mrs. Barbara K. Sweet

Defenders: $25,000-$49,999

Anonymous (1)

Mr. Carl Ferenbach III

Ted Ladd

Jerry Nelson

Mrs. Anne H. Russell

Ms. Elizabeth Steele and

Mr. Scott Hammond

Counselors: $10,000-$24,999

Anonymous (2)

Mr. and Mrs. John Abele

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Amory

Richard and Nonnie Burnes

Mr. Christopher Cabot

Ms. Linda Noelle Cabot

Mr. and Mrs. John Carter

Thomas and Patience Chamberlin

Meredith and Eugene Clapp

Mr. Gordon Hall III and Ms. Caroline Taft Knowlton

Elizabeth and Whitney Hatch

Mrs. Serena M. Hatch

Mrs. Meg Cadoux Hirshberg and Mr. Gary Hirshberg

Barbara and Amos Hostetter

Harold Janeway

Mr. and Mrs. Philip L. Johnson *

Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. Kilguss

Mr. Robert King and Ms. Anne Faulkner

Brigitte and Hal Kingsbury

Sue and Chris Klem

Michael and Sally Lemelin

Sharon and Bradford Malt

Mr. John McKee

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Putnam

The Estate of Mrs. Virginia W. Sampson

Preston * and Rebecca Saunders

Mr. and Mrs. Renke Thye

Ms. Leslie K. Williams and

Mr. James A. Attwood, Jr.

Guardians: $5,000-$9,999

Anonymous [4]

Jerry and Lynn Babicka

Mrs. Dale Cabot

Mr. Anthony Ciardelli

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Coleman

Susan R. Donaldson, MD

Mr. Andrew J. Falender and Ms. Jaquelyn A. Lenth

Kim and Nancy Faulkner

Mr. John K. Graham and Ms. Katharine Munro

Ann and George Hackl

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Hildreth

Mr. and Mrs. Seth Kerschner

George and Emily Lewis

Mr. and Mrs. James Mellowes

Dr. Barbara C. Moore

The Estate of Mrs. Nina N. Purdon

Larry Rockefeller

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Smith

Mr. Frank W. Smith

Ms. Elsie P. van Buren

Advocates Society: $1,000-$4,999

Anonymous (10)

Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Allen

Mr. David T. Altshuler and Dr. Sharman Altshuler

Mr. and Mrs. Dudley M. Baker III

Ruth and Jeffrey Barker

Dr. Stephen Barr and Ms. Martha Leggat-Barr

Mr. Joseph Berman and Ms. Sharon Cantor

Mr. Alexander A. Bernhard and Ms. Myra Mayman

Carolyn Birmingham

Mr. John M. Bradley

Scott and Mary Brown

Mr. Thomas A. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. George S. Brownell

The Reverend and Mrs. Frederick C. Buechner

Mr. and Mrs. William Burgess

Mr. and Mrs. William T. Burgin

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Mason Cabot, Jr.

Mr. Bradley M. Campbell and Ms. Katherine D. Hackl

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Cashman

Ms. Diana F. Chace

Mr. Michael Charney and

Dr. Loretta Mickley

George W. Chase and Sarah W. Chase

Dr. N. Dennis Chasteen and

Ms. Loretta Lavac

Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Chester

Mr. James Clemons

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Connors

Mr. and Mrs. Woolsey S. Conover

Mr. and Mrs. William G. Coughlin

Mr. Robert B. Craven

Alfred Cumming and Laurie Sedlmayr

Mrs. Edith L. Dabney

Ms. Harriet B. Dann

Mr. Nelson J. Darling, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. George P. Denny III

Louise Durfee, Esq.

Mr. and Mrs. Alan R. Dynner

Mr. and Mrs. David Ellis

Mrs. Alan Emmet

Dr. Nathan Faulkner and Dr. Julia Burdick

Mr. Bob V. Fogel

Mr. Douglas I. Foy

Mrs. Anne Freeh Engel and Mr. Samuel M. Engel

Ms. Marion Freeman and Mr. Corson Ellis

Mr. and Mrs. Jameson S. French

Mr. and Mrs. John B. French

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. V. French

The Honorable Martha Fuller Clark and Dr. Geoffrey E. Clark

Paula W. Gold, Esq.

Mr. Jerry Greenfield and Ms. Elizabeth K. Skarie

Ms. Carol Gregory

Mr. Martin L. Gross * and Ms. Deirdre Sheerr-Gross

Ms. Elizabeth Haartz and Mr. Walter E. Davis II

Mrs. Jane C. Hallowell

Mr. Timothy B. Harwood

Mr. Benjamin W. Heineman, Jr.

Dr. Michael J. Herz and Ms. Kate Josephs

Mr. Frederick Hewett

Mrs. Jutta B. Hicks

Mrs. Patricia H. Highberg

Robert J. Holmgren

Jayne Putnam Iafrate and Barbara Stephens

Ms. Laura Jackson

Mr. William J. Jackson

Ms. Anita L. Johnson

Leonard and Marjorie Johnson

Allan Kanner, Esq.

Mr. and Mrs. Maximilian W. Kempner

Mr. Christopher Kilian

Mr. Edward N. Krapels

Mr. Andrew G. Larson and Mr. Steven Gray

Ms. Marta Jo Lawrence

Mrs. Barbara B. Leggat

Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Lehner

Dick and Janet Lisle

Mr. Robert B. Lorenz

Peter and Elizabeth Loring

Mr. Jon Lund and Ms. Joan Sturmthal

Mr. and Mrs. Sean Mahoney

Ms. Josephine A. Merck and Mr. James Stevenson

Ms. Lucy D. Metcalf

Mr. Randal Milch and Ms. Amelia Salzman

Mr. and Mrs. Gerrish H. Milliken

Mr. Arthur C. and Mrs. Martha O. Milot

Mr. and Mrs. David Moir

Chris and Corinne Morahan

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Morrill

Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Murray

Mr. and Mrs. Sherif Nada

Oedipus and Ms. Amy Hyson

Mr. and Mrs. David O'Neil

Ms. Gail Osherenko and

Mr. Oran R. Young

Mr. Anthony Pangaro

Christian and Honor Passow

Mr. and Mrs. John Mark Patek, Jr.

Dr. Jan A. Pechenik

Susan Blackmore Peterson and John M.Teal

Mrs. Selina Peyser

Ms. Beth K. Pfeiffer

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Pike

Mr. Sam Plimpton and

Ms. Wendy Shattuck

Frederick and Eleanor Pratt

Mr. Philip Preston

Mr. and Mrs. George Putnam III

Mr. Dwight Quayle and Ms. Deborah Manegold

Henry and Jan Rines

Mrs. Deborah Robbins

Marjorie and Richard Rogalski

Mr. Christopher duPont Roosevelt

Mr. Daniel Rosan

Mr. Mitchell A. Rosenberg and Ms. Belle L. Halpern

Mr. and Mrs. W. Allen Rossiter

Ms. Sarah Russell and

Mr. Joe Reynolds

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sandy

Kate Saunders and John Grove

Tedd and Ella Saunders

Ms. Thaleia Tsongas Schlesinger

Sally and Michael Schnitzer

Ann and Dean Seibert

Mr. and Mrs. Chi Ho Sham

Ms. Marilyn Ray Smith and Mr. Charlie Freifeld

Mr. Robert Mason Smith

Mike and Jean Smith

Mr. W. Mason Smith III

Ms. Nancy B. Soulette

Rep. Judith Spang and Mr. Carl Spang

Mr. James W. Stevens

Mr. and Mrs. A. Holmes Stockly

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Stroud

Dr. Victoria Sujata

Mr. and Mrs. Elliot M. Surkin


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