AuthorMucha, Michael J.

Finance officers need technical skills and knowledge to take on the many challenges inherent in public finance. But to change things for the better and work toward building sustainable organizations and thriving communities, finance officers also need to develop leadership skills and interpersonal relationships with their colleagues. Ultimately, the finance officer and the finance department aren't solely responsible for government finance--that responsibility is shared by everyone in the organization who makes decisions, carries out programs, and serves the public.

GFOA developed a program called the Financial Foundations Framework to help communicate this leadership role for finance officers and to provide clear guidance on what leadership looks like. The framework includes five leadership strategies:

* Pillar 1--Establish a Long-Term Vision. Give people a reason to cooperate.

* Pillar 2--Build Trust and Open Communication. Create the conditions for cooperation.

* Pillar 3--Use Collective Decision Making. Develop forums for participation.

* Pillar 4--Create Clear Rules. Reinforce constructive behavior.

* Pillar 5--Treat Everyone Fairly...

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