Film Review: Do Communists Have Better Sex?

Author:Hall, David S.
Position::Video recording review

Film Review: Do Communists Have Better Sex?

A Film by Andre Meier

First Run/Icarus Films 2006

(718-488-8900 or 800-876-1710)

DVD, 52 minutes, color, in German with English subtitles


This very interesting video is a history and analysis of sex in East and West Germany from the time of the division of the country until the Wall came down in 1989. Postwar Germans shared a common culture, but the country was divided after WWII, and the Wall was built in 1961. They grew separately under two very different governments. When the country was reunited, the differences were very clear. Sex researchers, as well as those from other disciplines, had a great experiment to examine. This entertaining and informative video is one of the results.

Using film from the time and current interviews, the story line is knitted together with comments by experts on German history, culture and sexology, and with some interesting cartoon characters who seem to be having a lot of sex themselves.

There are grainy newsreel clips, sex education films, interviews, and what seems to be candid shots ranging from working in the factory, having naked fun on the beach, and spending time in bed. Some explicit sexual behavior is shown but what is discussed is more interesting than what is shown. The subtitles could...

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