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Position:FABTECH International & AWS Welding Show 2007

Among the newest products to be displayed are Rocket 7024 stick electrodes and Fabshield XLR-8 self-shielded flux-cored wires. A range of McKay brand stainless steel products, Hobart brand low hydrogen stick electrodes, and Tri-Mark Metalloy metal- cored wires will also be showcased.

Rocket 7024 is a new E7024 electrode designed with "best of class" features that reduce clean up and rework, including a new slag system that provides easy slag release from the weld joint, in some cases self-peeling, with no entrapment in the toes of the weld. It features a smooth arc and low spatter levels, along with the ability to weld through moderate mill scale or dirty materials.

The Hobart Fabshield XLR-8 is a self-shielded flux-cored wire featuring reliable out-of-position welding capabilities at both high and low heat inputs. It is especially well suited for vertical-up welds at high current levels and has lower diffusible hydrogen levels than competitive T-8 wires. It meets the new D-Designation under AWS A5.20:2005, making it useable for AWS D1.8 Demand Critical Welds.


McKay brand stainless steel filler metals provide excellent arc characteristics to ensure quality welds, and are available for flat and horizontal or all-position welding. Stainless steel products are available 308, 309 and 316, and other common alloys, and in multiple diameters and package sizes. Product options include stick electrodes, flux-cored and...

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