Figuratively speaking.

Author:MacIntyre, John

* Percentage of U.S. CEOs who say what motivates them most is fear: 43. Power: 22. Money: 7.

* Number of Americans at any given time who are attempting to start a business: 10 million. Percentage of new businesses with employees that survive two years: 66.

* Amount granted by a U.S. court to Diana Bilinelli when she divorced her Saudi royal husband, the late Sheik Mohammed al-Fassi: $250 million. Number of Boeing 747s included in the settlement: 2. Number of cars: 36. Number of horses: 26. Number of private zoos: 1.

* Number of magazines in North America that targeted the rich in 2002: 159. At the end of 2004: 225.

* Percentage of adult Hispanics with bank accounts: 65. Of the general population: 88.

* Average number of vacation days for U.S. workers with 10 years' service: 17.

* Amount that U.S. corporations spend on business services, including packaging, delivery, conferencing, travel and entertainment: $1.5 trillion. Percentage of a service company's...

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