Fifth EEOC complaint filed against Bryn Mawr Trust.

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A woman who worked at Bryn Mawr Trust was fired shortly after corroborating a co-worker's account during an investigation into race and sex discrimination charges at the bank, according to a complaint filed with the EEOC.

The woman is the fifth employee at the bank to file an EEOC complaint this year. All women are represented by the same lawyer.

The two most recent complaints alleged the bank's HR function had failed them.

Complainant No. 4 stated she had been "penalized in terms of pay, benefits and promotion as a result of this discrimination." She claimed she had "complained to the regional supervisor and representatives of HR." She said nothing was done to address the problems.

Complainant No. 5 said she met with HR representatives this past July and "corroborated that with respect to the civil rights claims that...

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