FGC 2--an alternative to creep feed grinding.

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The Bridgeport FGC 2 Flexible Grinding Center utilizes milling machine processes with aluminum oxide "cutting tools" (grinding wheels). Use of the Viper-Grinding Process makes the Bridgeport FGC 2 a fast, accurate, and efficient machine for processing parts with the benefits of low cost grinding wheels. FGC 2 uses conventional aluminum oxide grinding wheels and a high-speed wheel changer to grind blades and vanes faster and more efficiently.

Using a two-axis rotary indexer, the FGC 2 can complete parts in one clamping, increase part throughput by grinding faster than conventional creep-feed methods, reduces the risk of scrap by grinding one part at a time, and complete the part with extremely low tool cost per part.

The Bridgeport FGC features a 50hp, 8,000rpm-integrated spindle that incorporates the preferred tooling method for...

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