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The following are serving on the board of directors for Financial Executives Research Foundation (FERF) for 2013:

Chair: Thomas D. Freeman, Chief Operating Officer, Peck, Shaffer & Williams LLP

Vice Chair: A. Merrill Ayers

Vice Chair: Prat Bhatt, Vice President, Corporate Controller and Principal Accounting Officer, Cisco Systems Inc.

Vice Chair: lames E. Wall

President & Chief Executive Officer: Marie N. Hollein, CTP, FEI/FERF

Ex-Officio Trustee, Advisor

Joseph G. DiLorenzo, Morgan Samuels Co.


Mary Jo Green, Senior Vice President and Treasurer, Sony Corp. of America Valerie A Reardon, Senior Vice President, Compliance & Internal Audit, Emblem Health Inc.

Martin C. Ross, Director, Accounting Policy, Telephone & Data Systems Inc.

Mary Kay Scucci, Managing Director, Finance & Accounting, SIFMA

Michael A. Simons, Chief Financial Officer, Blauer Manufacturing Co. Inc.

M. Mark Walker, Associate Professor of Finance, University of Mississippi

Robert R. Walker

Edward V. Weller, Controller, Federal

Home Loan Bank--Pittsburgh

FERF is the non-profit 501(c)(3) research affiliate of Financial Executives International (FED, which conducts objective financial research projects and professional education programs. FERF depends upon voluntary, charitable...

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