FEI acknowledges and thanks Marsha Hunt for her year of achievement as a board chair, 2012-2013.

Position:CHAIR TRIBUTE - Financial Executives International

Marsha Hunt didn't plan to become a financial executive when she started on her career path more than 25 years ago, but her undergraduate studies at Bucknell University led her to a degree in accounting, which she followed with her CPA degree. She worked in the audit practice of Arthur Andersen and in various corporate control roles, including as the Assistant Controller of Corning Inc. Since 2003, she's with Columbus, Ind.-based Cummins Inc., now serving as Vice President--Corporate Controller of the global provider of power technologies.

Hunt also didn't plan to be chair of Financial Executives International. Accepting the position last year, she noted that "FEI has always been something special to me. It's been an important part of my life." In addition, she expressed pride in the "respect and esteem afforded FEI by regulators, standard setters, high-profile sponsors and the media." She deems it a "milestone in one's career when the level of responsibility to qualify for membership in FEI is achieved."

She added that "FEI's global activities enhance our brand recognition and also relevance to our members," and that" the more we understand about other parts of the world, the more we will understand the economic environments in which we operate."

During the last year, FEI has broadened its quarterly economic survey to include feedback from financial executives in France, Italy, Mexico and Japan. FEI's Japan Chapter, just launched in 2012, is growing in membership and is making ongoing progress with programs and sponsors. Another global initiative is the United Kingdom (an event is planned for May), and discussions to link with executives in more countries continue.

In expanding FEI's influence domestically, Hunt says that activities such as the Washington fly-ins "are very important." Under her tenure, FEI has delivered approximately 20 comment letters to regulators, standards setters and Congress. In addition, FEI staff and members have testified before Congress on subjects such as the impact of taxes on private companies and derivatives regulation.

"Our efforts to be at the table on a variety of business topics--not just accounting standards--cannot be underestimated," said Hunt when she became chair. In this regard, FEI recently formed the Private Companies for Tax Fairness, a coalition of large and middle-market privately held and/or family-owned companies, to provide a voice for thousands of private companies in the coming tax reform...

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