Feeling full.

AuthorDungan, Paige
PositionBrief article

There are days when I have trouble simply getting up the stairs at the office. Days when I am frustrated by constantly needing to stop what I'm doing to find a snack. Days when I feel that I am not going to make it without a power nap to zap me back to life. And I am sometimes blind to how amazing these days really are for me at this exhausting, crazy, most amazing time in my life.

The daily struggles I describe come from being 6 1/2 months pregnant and on a journey to parenthood for the very first time.

When I take a step back to look at all that I am conquering in life, I realize that everything isn't spinning out of control. Instead, I am becoming a better juggler of the many different hats I'll wear in taking on my new role as a parent.

I have a successful career that, while demanding, continues to give me an outlet for personal growth and development. I continue to grow in my attempt to be the best wife possible--still just a couple years into that journey--and am grateful to still be able to enjoy my passion for traveling. While I feel that the wheels are sometimes falling off...

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