Fee Payment Deadline was March 1, 0317 CABJ, CBJ - March 2017 #02

Fee payment deadline was March 1

No. 2017 #02

California Bar Journal

March, 2017

Did you miss the March 1 deadline for paying your annual fees to the State Bar? If so, here is what you need to know.

Failure to pay fees by the deadline will trigger a $100 late payment penalty for active lawyers and a $30 penalty for inactive lawyers. But missing the deadline won’t immediately affect your license to practice law. Final delinquent notices will be sent via U.S. mail this spring, outlining the final deadline to pay to avoid an administrative license suspension.

As of March 2, the online fee payment system is temporarily closed while late penalties are assessed. Those who haven’t paid can wait until after April 1 to pay online via My State Bar Profile. Or, they can mail a check with late fees included to the State Bar. The address for payments is 180 Howard St., San Francisco, CA 94105.

The State Bar did not send paper billing statements this year. Instead, the bar launched an online billing and payment application for 2017 fees.

Active attorneys were billed $412 and inactive attorneys were billed $155. See more details about the fee statements, including optional donations and deductions, in the December California Bar Journal.

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