Feds warn of 'blind reliance' on AI, software.

About half of employers now use artificial intelligence, algorithms and other tools to make HR-related decisions, most often during the hiring process. But federal enforcement authorities just threw up a red flag, warning that employers often misuse those tools and end up discriminating against people with disabilities.

The EEOC and Department of Justice issued joint guidance that aims to help employers legally use this technology to screen applicants, monitor performance and determine pay and promotions.

Employers often give computer-based tests to applicants or use software to score applicants' resumes. The DOJ says their new guidelines serve as a warning to employers whose "blind reliance" on these technology tools can easily trigger ADA violations.

Where do employers go wrong?

The feds say employers typically violate the law in these ways:

* Employers fail to provide a reasonable accommodation necessary for an employee (or applicant) to be rated fairly and accurately by an algorithm.

* Employers rely on decisionmaking tools that (intentionally or unintentionally) screen out people with disabilities, even if they're able to perform the job successfully with a reasonable accommodation.

* Employers violate the ADA's restrictions on "disability-related inquiries" or seek...

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