Federal Labor Relations Authority



1400 K Street NW., Washington, DC 20005

Phone, 202-218-7770. Internet, http://www.flra.gov.

Chairman Dale Cabaniss

Executive Director Jill M. Crumpacker

Chief Counsel Kirk Underwood

Director, Case Control Office and Gail D. Reinhart

Legal Publications

Solicitor William Tobey, Acting

Inspector General Francine C. Eichler

Chief Administrative Law Judge Charles Center

Members Carol Waller Pope,


Chief Counsels Susan D. McCluskey,


General Counsel Colleen Duffy Kiko

Deputy General Counsel Donald S. Harris

Federal Service Impasses Panel

Chairman Becky Norton Dunlop

Members Richard B. Ainsworth, Mark A. Carter, John G. Cruz, Andrea Fischer Newman, Grace Flores-Hughes, Joseph C. Whitaker

Special Assistant to Federal Service Impasses Victoria L. Dutcher

Panel Chairman

Executive Director H. Joseph Schimansky

Foreign Service Labor Relations Board

Chairman Dale Cabaniss

Members Richard Bloch,


General Counsel Colleen Duffy Kiko

Foreign Service Impasse Disputes Panel

Chairman Peter Tredick

Members Becky Norton Dunlop, Judy Rolph Ebner, Holly Higgins, Jose A. Lira


The Federal Labor Relations Authority oversees the Federal service labor-management relations program. It administers the law that protects the right of employees of the Federal Government to organize, bargain collectively, and participate through labor organizations of their own choosing in decisions affecting them. The Authority also ensures compliance with the statutory rights and obligations of Federal employees and the labor organizations that represent them in their dealings with Federal agencies.


The Federal Labor Relations Authority (Authority) was created as an independent establishment by Reorganization Plan No. 2 of 1978 (5 U.S.C. app.), effective January 1, 1979, pursuant to Executive Order 12107 of December 28, 1978, to consolidate the central policymaking functions in Federal labor-management relations. Its duties and authority are specified in title VII (Federal Service Labor-Management Relations) of the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 (5 U.S.C. 7101-7135).


The Authority adjudicates disputes arising under the Federal labor-

management relations program, deciding cases concerning the negotiability of collective bargaining agreement proposals, appeals concerning unfair labor practices and representation petitions, and...

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