Fecal incontinence: hospital can terminate nurse for medical reasons.

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The individual had a life-long battle with fecal incontinence stemming from congenital medical issues.

She worked as a hospital unit secretary, went to nursing school and was hired back by the same hospital as an RN.

Her condition caused problems with stained clothes, stained chairs and odors. She was told she had to wear incontinence pads and have changes of uniforms with her at work and to change immediately if she had an accident, but it did not work.

She was terminated shortly after a coworker sat in a feces-stained chair.

The Court of Appeals of Louisiana turned down the nurse's wrongful-termination lawsuit, agreeing with the state civil service commission's handling of the case not as a disciplinary matter but as a more-or-less permanent medical leave.

The nurse was certainly not at fault for her condition, but the hospital was not...

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