February 2011 #3. Small World Hawaii Style.

Authorby Ed Kemper

Hawaii Bar Journal


February 2011 #3.

Small World Hawaii Style

Hawaii State Bar JournalFebruary 2011Small World Hawaii Styleby Ed KemperIn an isolated part of Kenya, a small village of 100 nomadic herdsmen and their families were suffering a 100-year drought, which killed off the focus of their livelihood: their cows. To these families, cows are the key to their survival and social structure. Not only do the cows provide a daily supply of food in the form of cow's blood mixed with milk, but also their dung is used to build their houses. The cows are also a form of currency and are even given as dowry. Since the cows, goats, and sheep eat the grass in the area every three months or so, the village has to move in that time frame with their mobile-house-making-factories-the cows.

So how does a group of Hawaii lawyers and their friends end up helping these desperate herdsmen? Attorney Jack Dwyer and his wife Barbara were traveling in Kenya a number of years ago to view the Great Migration when two million Wildebeest move en masse to a new grazing site. At one of the camps ites, they met a guide that truly impressed them. His name was Sammy Leseita Lemoonga, and he happened to be from this small nomadic group. Sammy, prior to age 13, had no idea about the world beyond fifty miles from where he was born. But at that age some Catholic missionaries showed up at his village to see if one of their members could leave the village to attend school. Sammy was chosen and off he went.

Fast forward to meeting with the Dwyers. A friendship developed that ultimately resulted in their assisting Sammy in coming to Hawaii and gaining admission to Hawaii Pacific University ("HPU"). When the Dwyers heard about the drought and its impact from Sammy, they decided to help by buying a couple head of...

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