Fatna El-Bouih. Talk of Darkness.

JurisdictionUnited States
Date22 June 2009

Fatna El-Bouih. Talk of Darkness. Translated from Arabic by Mustafa Kamal and Susan Slyomovics. Austin, Texas: University of Texas at Austin, 2008, 100 pages. Paper $16.00.

Fatna El-Bouih, born in Benhamed village in Morrocco, writes about her incarceration in 1974 and 1977-1982. Born in the era of independence from colonialism, she, among other women, called for real and lasting independence. Growing up, she was influenced by the "new left," especially by those who split from the party of Liberation and Socialism and entered parliament. She joined the student movements under the rule of King Hassan II. As a feminist who tied political turmoil with patriarchal society, she refused to remain silenced about women suffering from patriarchal relationships.

Fatna was in high school when she was first arrested. A few years later she disappeared to secret torture centers and transferred to multiple...

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