Farmer, Nancy. The house of the scorpion.

Author:Rohrlick, Paula
Position::Book Review - Young Adult Review - Brief Article

Simon & Schuster, Atheneum 400p. c2002; 0-689-85222-3. $17.95. JS

In a future world where an evil empire called Opium is tucked in between the U.S. and Aztlan (formerly Mexico), a young clone named Matt comes of age. His foot is tattooed "Property of the Alacran Estate"; he is the clone of El Patron, the cruel 142-year-old ruler of Opium, a drug kingdom farmed by "eejits," brain-dead clones. Matt has not has his brain deadened; he is a favorite of El Patron, reminding him of his lost youth, though the man's nasty, conspiring family hates Matt, considering him "livestock." Matt's other champions are a cook and a bodyguard, who conspire to save him from a rate of being harvested for organs for El Patron. A girl named Maria comes to love Matt, too, and when El Patron dies and the remaining family try to kill Matt, all his friends work to help him escape from the Alacran estate. Matt runs off to Aztlan but is captured and taken to an awful orphanage, which is more of a Nazistyle work camp. There he makes...

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