Farm Credit Administration



1501 Farm Credit Drive, McLean, VA 22102-5090

Phone, 703-883-4000. Fax, 703-734-5784. Internet,

Farm Credit Administration Board:

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Nancy C. Pellett

Members of the Board Douglas L. Flory, Dallas P. Tonsager

Secretary to the Board Roland E. Smith


Chief of Staff Keith Heffernan

Director, Office of Congressional and Public Martha Schober


General Counsel Charles R. Rawls

Deputy General Counsel Joy Strickland

Inspector General Carl A. Clinefelter

Director, Office of Examination and Chief Thomas G. McKenzie


Director, Office of Regulatory Policy Andrew D. Jacob

Director, Office of Secondary Market Oversight S. Robert Coleman

Director, Office of Management Services Stephen G. Smith

Director, Equal Employment Opportunity and Eric Howard


Designated Agency Ethics Official Kathleen V. Buffon

Chief Freedom of Information Act Officer Kathleen V. Buffon


The Farm Credit Administration is responsible for ensuring the safe and sound operation of the banks, associations, affiliated service organizations, and other entities that collectively comprise what is known as the Farm Credit System, and for protecting the interests of the public and those who borrow from Farm Credit institutions or invest in Farm Credit securities.

The Farm Credit Administration (FCA) was established as an independent financial regulatory agency in the executive branch of the Federal Government by Executive Order 6084 on March 27, 1933. The Administration carries out its responsibilities by conducting examinations of the various Farm Credit lending institutions, which are Farm Credit Banks, the Agricultural Credit Bank, Agricultural Credit Associations, and Federal Land Credit Associations. It also examines the service organizations owned by the Farm Credit lending institutions, as well as the National Consumer Cooperative Bank (also known as the National Cooperative Bank).

FCA policymaking is vested in the Farm Credit Administration Board, whose three full-time members are appointed to 6-year terms by the President, with the advice and consent of the Senate. One member of the Board is designated by the President as Chairman and serves as the Administration's chief executive officer. The Board is responsible for approving rules and regulations, providing for the examination and regulation of and...

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