Author:Pressler, Alyssa

Many of us would cringe at the idea of working alongside our family members, but for some, it just clicks. Family-owned businesses across the state have found the sweet spot, leveraging their personal relationships with one another to create a welcoming environment for employees, provide an intimate experience to customers and leave a legacy for future generations they hope will take over.

For many, operating a family-owned business allows them to quickly respond to customer needs. "The clients can call us directly, and we know what their issues are and can get to them pretty quickly? says Kellie Falk, managing director at Drucker + Falk

Kris Carroll, president of Grady-White Boats in Greenville, agrees. "Being privately owned has allowed the team to stay focused on Eddie Smiths passion for customer satisfaction? she says. "One example of this focus is we call every customer to ask how they are doing and what we can do better?

The autonomy of family-owned businesses is another benefit. It allows the companies to quickly adjust when needed...

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