A family activity.

Author:Parsons-Wraith, Lisa
Position:Arms and the woman

The Hunt'N'Shak Archery Center in Gum Spring, Va., has also seen a boost in foot traffic from young fans of The Hunger Games. Their facility features a 2,000-square-foot showroom and a 3,000-square-foot indoor range. Co-owner Marcy Reese said it's been great to have young girls who are influenced by the book and movie come in with their parents to try archery.

"It's really cool that some of them come in with their dads. It's something they can do together," Reese said.

Even though a lot of the girls who come in want to shoot a bow like Katniss, Reese encourages them to try both compound and recurve bows.

"Most of the kids just want to do archery, and about half of them end up liking the compound better," she said.

If parents are looking for a family bow, Reese said she usually recommends the Mathews Genesis.

"It's not terribly expensive, and has no specific draw length so everyone can use it," she said.

Several manufacturers have started making bows designed specifically for women, Reese said, and she often recommends those because the poundage is lighter and draw length is shorter. She said they sell a lot of Sky Archery, PSE, Bowtech and Mathews bows at the Hunt'N'Shak.

"A fair amount of girls want pink bows," she said, "but the majority want camo."

Reaching Youth Enthusiasts

With the recent spotlight on archery, Reese said her store is planning to host a large open house to bring in new archers--especially women. In anticipation of a large turnout, she said they'll move the event to a local club that allows archery shoots, thus ensuring as many people get to shoot as possible. The Hunt'N'Shak also offers archery birthday parties for kids aged 7 to 17. They feature fun...

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