Families Trying to Adapt to the New Normal.

Due to the spread of COVID-19, the government made a transformative decision to close schools across the country and switch to distance learning. Author and literacy advocate Carew Papritz stresses that, during this time of uncertainty and stress, it is crucial for parents to convey confidence and be prepared.

"Although there's no category for this virus inside our own experience, parents need to be accountable to make this transition easy to ensure the continued education and family structure for their children."

He offers the following tips:

* "Implement procedures that maintain the normalcy of operations as much as possible, keeping a structured routine throughout the day. This is probably the most important thing to keep your kids on track and ensure your sanity."

* "Set aside specific times for activities--reading time, watching educational videos, playing educational games, and lessons that teachers have provided. Remember, though, not all of this structure has to revolve around classroom education. Take time to teach your kids how to eat healthily and make their lunch; build something; paint pictures; go for a hike/walk; or...

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