False Flag.

Author:Murray, John M.
Position:Book review

John Altman; FALSE FLAG; Blackstone Publishing (Fiction: Thriller) 29.95 ISBN: 9781504797726

Byline: John M. Murray

False Flag pits nations against each other with two headstrong women front and center.

John Altman's False Flag examines the costs of extremism, pitting two strong women against each other in a complex plot to wage global war.

Chameleonesque femme fatale Mossad agent Jana infiltrates a neo-Nazi group in Washington. It has a large cache of weapons, explosives, and sarin gas. Under orders from a small cadre of Israeli fanatics, Jana goes rogue and disappears with the weapons in tow.

Jana's superiors put into motion a plan involving the stolen cache and a PTSD-suffering American veteran, hoping to stir America into blindly attacking Israel's enemies and allowing Israel the freedom to operate on the global stage unimpeded. Professor Dalia Artzi is recruited to stop Jana before the fanatics' plot unfolds.

While nearly all the characters are fully realized, the dynamics between Jana and Dalia serve as the crux of the story. Both are women who suffered because of the instability in the Middle East. While Jana believes she can turn the instability around in her favor, Dalia's...

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