Fall: facility faulted, no toileting schedule.

Position:Gray v. Grenada Health and Rehab - Brief article

After a nursing home resident fell repeatedly trying to amubulate to the bathroom a jury in the US District Court for the Northern District of Mississippi awarded damages to her probate estate.

A toileting schedule is mandated when a cognitively-impaired patient falls repeatedly trying to ambulate to the bathroom, sit down and stand up again without calling for assistance, to minimize the need for the patient to try to get up on her own, the family's nursing expert testified.

There should have been padding on the floor and/or padding on the resident to minimize the potential for injury if she fell, the family's nursing expert also said.

Fall-risk assessment begins on admission and is an ongoing responsibility.

A Posey vest was not appropriate for this patient, the jury believed, contrary to the family's expert's testimony that not restraining the patient was additional evidence of...

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