Fall 2010. Table of Contents, Fall 2010, Volume 36, No. 1.

Vermont Bar Journal


Fall 2010.

Table of Contents, Fall 2010, Volume 36, No. 1

THE VERMONT BAR JOURNAL Volume 36, No. 3 Fall 2010

Table of Contents

Fall 2010 - #1

Achieving Lasting Settlements for Vermont Families: Justice, Equity, and Self-Determination

by Susanne Terry, M.S. and Christine Packard, J.D.

Fall 2010 - #2

Civil Case Mediation in Vermont: A Practical Guide

by James W. Spink, Esq.

Fall 2010 - #3

Civil Mediation: A Culture of Its Own

by Donald (Tad) Powers, Esq.

Fall 2010 - #4

Collaborative Law: Effectively Resolving Conflict Without Going to Court

by Phyllis Rubenstein, Esq.

Fall 2010 - #5

Eldercare and Adult Guardianship Mediation

by Neal Radar (with Hon. Judge Susan L. Fowler)

Fall 2010 - #6

Getting Up to Speed: Tech Savvy Tips for ADR Professionals A Mile Wide, Inch Deep Review of Online Resources for Your Business

by Juliana Hoyt, Esq.

Fall 2010 - #7


Guest Editors: Alfred Mills, Esq. and Ellen (Nell) Coogan, Esq.

Fall 2010 - #8

Restorative Justice: ADR in Criminal Cases

by Yvonne Byrd and Judith Gibson

Fall 2010 - #9

The Challenge and the Promise of Mediation A Valuable Primer

Reviewed by C/iristopher D. Ekman, Esq.

Fall 2010 - #10

The Empathy Debate: The Role of Empathy in Law, Mediation, and the New Professionalism

by Emily J. Gould, Esq.

Fall 2010 - #11

The Power...

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