Fall 2007 - #3. Did You Know? from Casemaker.


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Fall 2007 - #3.

Did You Know? from Casemaker


"Did You Know?" from Casemaker

Thesaurus Function

Did you know that Casemaker incorporates a Thesaurus function in its search engine? Casemaker's little-known Thesaurus function can provide users with expanded search capabilities. By placing a tilde (~) immediately before a word (no spaces allowed), users can find synonyms for keywords. Because the thesaurus allows for the expansion of the number of searchable cases with similar dialogue, this greatly increases the chance of finding case law that is most applicable to your challenges. For example, entering ~alcohol into the Full Document Search Query box will yield the case law containing the words, "liquor," "whiskey," "intoxicant," "spirits," and more.

Entering the word ~car will yield the words "car," "automobile," "auto," "vehicle," "train," and others. But users need to be careful. Because the word, "vehicle" can also mean, "conveyance," this word may also appear in the search. When searching for ~animal the surnames "Hare" and "Hunter" may appear.

The Thesaurus function can also be used in conjunction with other search parameters such as AND, OR, NOT, PHRASE, and SUFFIX EXPANSION searches.

SuperCODE Feature

Did you know that Casemaker utilizes SuperCODE to identify changes to statutes and codes?

SuperCODE is the exclusive Casemaker feature that identifies session laws which may affect the documents that users view. SuperCODE appears on the right-hand side of the screen and displays hyperlinks to session laws that reference the document currently being viewed. By clicking on the hyperlink (if present) the user is immediately transported to the segment of the legislation that deals with the current document. Users can then quickly determine if the new law will apply to the salient portion of code of interest.

This is just another way that Casemaker keeps our members current and ahead of users of other services.

Suffix Expansion

Did you know that you can perform a more inclusive search by using the Suffix Expansion feature?

Because our search engine is so precise, Casemaker finds only the exact search terms entered into the Full Document Search Query box. However, users may find all word forms of a single word by attaching an asterisk (*) to the end of the word (no...

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