Fall 2003 #1. President's Page - Moving on.


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Fall 2003 #1.

President's Page - Moving on

Maine Bar JournalFall 2003President's Page - Moving on ...My term as president of the Maine State Bar Association is now all but finished. I leave personally and professionally enriched by the experience, and as mindful as I began the year of what a great privilege it is to serve all of you, thank you.

The vision of the Board of Governors is to make your relationship with your professional association important and valuable, and more important and more valuable tomorrow than it is today. If we continue to strengthen the ties that bind all lawyers together, and provide support to all segments of our profession - especially small firm and solo practitioners, who can particularly benefit from aggregated services - the potential of our professional association to further advance its mission is great and grand.

We made good progress this year, perhaps even excellent progress, toward that shared vision, and we accomplished much of the 2003 agenda set back in January. But we did not accomplish everything I think you wanted done, so perhaps MSBA, too, fell just short of a "championship season." But what really matters is your assessment - not mine - of the agenda and performance of your professional association.

Each of you (and maybe especially those of you whom we did not get out of your offices to an MSBA program this year) have the last word on whether the Board of Governors and the MSBA professional staff exceeded your expectations. Your assessment of your bar association should be continuous and vigorous, tempered only by your understanding that the Maine State Bar Association is the largest professional association for lawyers in the state of Maine - the proverbial big tent - and necessarily must sometimes balance the competing wishes of various constituencies. All assessments, however, are not only welcome, but critically necessary to keep your Association on course. Never hesitate to share your views with MSBA. Apathy, not criticism, is the enemy of any association's progress.

MSBA delivered some new tools this year. These tools should help us all in our professional lives and enhance our communication with each other and our association. Find them all at www.mainebar.org. If you haven't tried them yet or recently, please visit the site, and visit it...

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