Faith in the Public Square.

Author:Sebastian, J. Jayakiran
Position:Book review

Faith in the Public Square. By Rowan Williams. London: Bloomsbury, 2012. ISBN-13: 978-1-4081-8758-6. vi & 352 pages. Cloth. $29.95.

The incredibly prolific and always engaged public theologian and eminent church leader, Rowan Williams, formerly the Archbishop of Canterbury and now the Master of Magdalene College at Cambridge University, has provided a wide-ranging and thought-provoking collection of writings in this, the last published volume of his arch-episcopate. Recognizing that his position has put him at the forefront of service as an articulate and informed commentator on the issues that confront people in their everyday lives, issues that have consequences way beyond the immediate, he eschews any easy and often superficial "sound-bite" commentary or yielding to any artificial posturing as a "talking-head." Rather, Williams offers us measured and sober comments on issues and themes ranging from secularism (in terms of its promise and failure); peace and religion; the role of the state and cultural particularities; the meaning of diversity within a context of multiculturalism; the religious basis of human rights in a pluralistic society; environmental challenges (including climate change); the interplay between economics, ethics, and the whole inhabited world; justice...

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