A Failure to Communicate.

Author:Hannah, Robyn
Position:Company communication

At a time of record-low unemployment, a shocking number of U.S. employees are stressed, unhappy, and ready to quit. According to findings from Dynamic Signal US's Annual State of Employee Communication and Engagement Study, BO% of the American workforce reports feeling stressed because of ineffective company communication--a 30% jump from just one year ago.

The 2019 study also found that 63% have wanted to quit because ineffective communication interfered with their ability to do their job--almost double from the 33% in 2018. Moreover, 70% of employees feel overwhelmed because of broken communication methods and fragmented information, while 78% of those surveyed said improving employee communication and engagement should be a higher priority for their current company.

In addition, 60% would not confidently advise keeping their CEO because of the poor communication they have experienced. Indeed, 17% of employees would recommend firing their CEO based on how the company communicates to its employees.

Some 53% do not feel like their company communicates with them in a way that makes them want to be an advocate for the organization, although a whopping 83% say they would be an advocate if employee engagement was better.

"It's obvious that a tight labor market in recent years has highlighted the need to improve the employee experience, but poor internal communication is leaving workers stressed and ready to look for other jobs," says Russ Fradin, CEO of Dynamic Signal. "Companies need to get ahead of the problem of broken employee communication if they're going to have the internal alignment to meet business goals, the culture to retain talent, and the...

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