Fadal organizes VMCs into three product lines.

Position:Fadal Machining Centers - Brief Article

Fadal Machining Centers has developed three product lines, which include performance, standard, and remanufactured VMCs. The product lines have been created based on capabilities and cost, enabling Fadal to better serve specific markets, the company says.

The Performance Line of VMCs delivers faster and heavier steel and aluminum-cutting operations with tolerances of [+ or -]0.000 16" while providing increased reliability and maintainability. Standard features include heavy-ribbed castings with a wider stance, larger flame-hardened box ways with Turcite liners for rigidity and vibration damping.

The Performance VMCs standard features include 1.9-sec dual arm automatic tool changer, 22.5-hp, 10,000-rpm, 2-speed mechanical hi/lo and 3,000-rpm Rigid Tapping transmission. Options include: a 15,000-rpm spindle with ceramic (silicon nitride) bearings in steel races, 22.5-hp WYE/Delta VECTOR drive motor, air/oil lubrication...

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