Author:Hidayat, Rahmat


In every new school year, universities in Indonesia are involved in the registration of new students. State Universities attract new students more easily than Private Universities. Various efforts have been made by Private Universities in Indonesia, especially in Medan City to attract the attention of prospective new students. It is no secret that there are a high number of private institutions that get little number of students. This is influenced by several factors such as public perception on the quality of education, the amount of school tuition (Shammot, 2011), the availability of facilities, facilities and infrastructure. Meanwhile, other factor such as the atmosphere conductive learning is also considered as one important factor to choose a university (Kitsawad, 2013). Other research factors that influence the interest of prospective students in choosing tertiary institutions is the factors that determine the decision of school graduates in choosing higher education studies, namely educational factors (in the family: education style, in school: teacher recommendations and career guidance), information factors (open, exhibitions, mass media), economic factors (study fee, career prospects), and other factors (geographical location, ranking, personal and demographic) (Eidimtas & Juceviciene, 2014). Other research results suggest that some factors that influence prospective students choose colleges are because of parents and friends suggestions, job opportunities, well-structured programs, quality of teaching, socialization, and flexibility in requirements (Ryan et al., 2014). The results of subsequent studies stated that the study program offered, qualified lecturers, flexible lecture schedules, student and staff relations, and campus environment influenced the choice of prospective students to continue their education degree, besides this study also found students' dissatisfaction with weak policies, study programs offered in each semester (Fosu & Poku, 2014).

Preliminary research that has been conducted on private university students in Medan such as UMSU, UISU, UMA, Indonesian Methodist University, HKBP Nomensen University, Nusantara Muslim University, LP3I Medan Polytechnic, and several other PU indicate that several factors that influence students in choosing private universities are the physical condition, the city where the campus is located (Polat, 2012), quality of learning, fees, facilities, socialization and location (Padlee et al., 2010), and image or brand. The very large number of private universities and the changing demands of prospective students for the attributes and performance of the education services they get will stimulate an increase in the intensity of competition among private universities. Private universities are required to be able to implement the right marketing strategy by offering higher education services that are suitable for prospective students.


Cost is the cash value or cash equivalent purchased for goods and services that is expected to bring current or future benefits to the organization (Hansen & Mowen, 2011). Promotion is the process which the company creates value for customers and builds strong customer relationships to capture value from customers as return. A brand is a name, term, sign, symbol, design, or combination thereof, which identifies a product or service from a seller or group of sellers and distinguishes them from competitors (Kotler & Armstrong, 2014). Brand image describes the extrinsic nature of a product or...

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