New faces: leadership Detroit takes a new turn with Dan Piepszowski.

Author:Crabtree, Amanda
Position:Chamber Updates

The newly appointed senior director of community relations at the Detroit Regional Chamber, Dan Piepszowski, said he is ready for the opportunity to bring Leadership Detroit (LD) to a new level of individual development that will support regional cohesiveness.


"We're helping business industry leaders think broader and work for not only their community, but the whole region," Piepszowski said of the LD Program, "It is important to connect where you work and where you live." The three main objectives of the program are building lasting relationships, education and leadership development.

According to Piepszowski, education is needed to learn what barriers exist in order for the local communities to grow into a successful region of business. LD helps participants learn how to listen to the people of the region, not only by hearing about existing problems, but also by listening to the emotion behind anxieties about such things as education and transportation issues. This education helps build transformational individuals we need to lead the region.


In order for LD to make a stronger impact, Piepszowski plans to select people representing the region as a whole and people "on the...

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