Extrude Hone rounds out its line of TEM machines.

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At EMO 2007, Extrude Hone Corporation debuted its new single-station Thermal Energy Method (TEM) S-250 machine. With the entry-level, single station TEM S-250, Extrude Hone rounds out its robust line of TEM machines. The new S-250 makes Extrude Hone's distinctive and highly cost-effective TEM deburring technology more readily available for use in general manufacturing cells and smaller or specialty manufacturers that may not have the physical space or the production volume to warrant a full-size TEM machine.

Like all of Extrude Hone's TEM machines, the S-250 uses the same patented and distinctive process that Extrude Hone pioneered more than 30 years ago. Through ongoing innovations, TEM remains a fast, accurate, and highly controlled deburring solution. In fact, TEM offers the lowest overall burr-removal cost. At approximately half the size and weight of Extrude Hone's five station TEM C-250 unit, the more versatile, and compact, yet full-featured single station S-250 easily integrates into lean manufacturing environments. While featuring the smallest...

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