Extreme Shock Ammunition.

Author:Smith, Roxanne
Position:2011 New Products

Extreme Shock Ammunition

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The .30-30 160-gr. TG round is ideal for trophy game hunting. Delivering 3" to 4" of clean penetration before fragmenting, the round is made with controlled expansion features designed to penetrate through hide and bone and deliver all kinetic energy inside the target.

The .32 H&R 60-gr. Enhanced Penetration Round (EPR) has greater terminal success through automobile glass, light sheet metal and wood. This round will fragment on any surface that would cause a lead bullet to ricochet.

The .223 30-gr. AFR is new to the Air Freedom Round series, and features a 30-gr. Tungsten core, copper jacket and has a flat base and round nose. Ideal for situations requiring a round with no ricochet and...

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