Brief and Extended Interventions in Sexual Abuse, Second Edition.

Author:Owens, Annette Fuglsang
Position::Book review

Brief and Extended Interventions in Sexual Abuse, Second Edition Robert H. Rencken, 2000; American Counseling Association (ACA). ISBN: 1-55620-178-8; 232 Pages

The Author:

Robert Rencken, CCMHC, has been a mental health counselor, school psychologist and clinical sexologist in private practice in Tucson, Arizona, for over 25 years. He has given nationwide workshops and seminars on the issues of sexual abuse, incest, and childhood sexuality.

The Audience:

A wide range of professionals gets into contact with the issue of sexual abuse: The school teacher or school counselor who wants to understand how a victim should be treated at school. The medical or mental health professional whose client has a past history of sexual abuse. The law enforcement professional who works with families experiencing sexual abuse. The Child Protective Services agent and many more. All these professionals work with individual segments of the entire picture. "... The intent of this book is to provide a clear and basic framework for understanding the dimensions (scope, taxonomy, philosophy) and dynamics (individual, familial, societal) of pedosexual behavior, particularly child sexual abuse. The major focus is on the implementation of integrated intervention strategies for any professional who faces only one 'piece of the puzzle' ..."

Brief Interventions:

Mainly due to budgetary constraints, today's mental health professionals are generally challenged to apply brief interventions instead of long-term treatments. Rencken introduces several brief interventions, which may prove effective under these constrained circumstances.


Since his original version of this book, Intervention Strategies for Sexual Abuse (1989), the area of sexual abuse has received much public attention. New insights gained over the past decade, such as the issues of false accusations; "planted," repressed and recovered memories; ritual and satanic abuse; and increased attention to female offenders have been included in this new edition.

The book is concise and brief without appearing superficial. Much information has...

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