Expunctions and Non-Disclosures

AuthorMark G. Daniel/Robert K. Gill
Chapter 22
Expunctions and
Table of Contents
§22:10 Introduction
§22:20 Right to Expunction
§22:21 Persons Eligible for Expunction of Criminal Arrest Records
§22:21.1 Statutory Law
§§22:21.2 - 22:21.3 [Reserved]
§22:21.4 Requirement of “Arrest”
§22:21.5 Expunctions in Truancy Cases
§22:30 Expunction Following Acquittal or Pardon
§22:40 Expunction Following Dismissal
§22:41 Expunction Supported
§22:42 Expunction Not Supported
§22:43 Misdemeanors
§22:50 Expunction Following No Bill or Lack of Presentment of Charging Instrument
§22:60 Expunction of Records From Arrests and Offenses Which Were Plead in Bar Pursuant to §12.45
§22:70 [Reserved]
§22:80 Case Law Governing Expunction Procedure
§22:81 In General
§22:82 Venue
§22:83 Jurisdiction
§22:84 Representation
§22:90 Destruction and Return of Records Subject to Expunction Order
§22:100 Effect of Expunction Order
§22:110 Violation of Valid Expunction Order
§22:120 Forms for Expunction of Arrest Records
§22:121 Form: Motion for Expunction of Records
§22:122 Form: Order of Expunction
§22:130 Non-Disclosure of Criminal History Information
§22:140 Texas Department of Public Safety

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