Exploring virtual reality in the enterprise.


Chatbots, bots, mobile devices--think of how dramatically these new forms of media are transforming the way we conduct business, and disrupting entire industries. Currently we're at the brink of a new frontier: Virtual Reality (VR).

You may think of virtual reality as a platform for play or games, but there's an entire realm of possibilities for businesses. Imagine virtual reality conferences, design collaborations, or remote office visits. There's already investigations into how surgeons could use virtual reality for patient anatomy or how teams could design products virtually.

As part of our ongoing research, Concur Labs spent the past few months understanding what virtual reality could do for business travelers. Concur Labs, a new effort for Concur, is about exploring ideas and building prototypes based on Concur Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Our charter is to surface innovations and look at problems differently, of ten combining technologies in novel ways to enhance the life of a business traveler.

We take a lean, iterative approach to development, often creating a first prototype in less than 24 hours. We're always looking for interesting integrations with other applications, services and products and have worked with Microsoft, Slack, Amazon, Ford, Uber, SITA and other Concur partners. Internally, we collaborate with engineers, product managers and designers across the company to build new concepts.

The Labs team's investigation into VR started with a design sprint and a series of brainstorms. Ultimately, we built a demo showing how Global Security Managers could use virtual reality to help business travelers in a crisis, in this case, an earthquake.


How Global Security Managers Help Business Travelers in a Crisis

How does the demo work? It starts with Global Security Managers who focus on providing "Duty of Care" for employees who travel. Duty of Care, as you might guess, is industry standard for ensuring the security and safety of employees on the road.

The demo immerses you in a life-like, Duty of Care situation: You're a Global Security Manager responsible for the safety of thousands of employees. Now you're confronted with an earthquake and need to determine which business travelers are impacted and how to get them back to safety.

The 3D simulation, inspired by the Concur Risk Messaging service, enables you to:

* Access up-to-the-minute news and social media about what's happening with the...

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