Expert tips to sell more knives.

Author:Morrison, John
Position:Outdoor marketplace

What questions should you ask if you re looking to expand your knife offerings?

Jeff Goddard, director of sales and marketing for Kai-USA, has solid tips for dealers of any size.

"When looking for a line of knives to stock," said Goddard, "ask yourself if this maker offers a large lineup. Can you get a knife 'for almost everyone' from this company? This helps keep you from having to buy from many vendors."

Goddard says there are further questions dealers should ask themselves.

"Does this manufacturer have patented items? Items that only this manufacturer makes, keeping your selection tighter? Do they offer displays, banners, catalogs, signs and stickers--general merchandising aids furnished to you at no charge, that will help your store look good and call out the brand name you're selling?"

Goddard says lifetime sharpening helps make sales, too. Kai-USA offers free lifetime sharpening if the customer just sends their knife in, which is a great incentive for customers.


"All these things are important, like a lifetime guarantee. On the chance that an item is brought back to your store, buy from a manufacturer you know will take care of you and your customer if you happen to have a defective product," Goddard advises.

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