ExperienceChange (updated).

Author:Williams, Dawn

ExperienceChange (updated), Online Training, 2006, ExperiencePoint, $300.

Support: facilitator guide.

The training community is paying more attention to simulations as an effective way for learners to practice new knowledge and skills in a safe environment. However, most people associate online simulations with high cost. ExperienceChange provides an off-the-self product that combines a traditional web-based course with an online simulation to present an organizational change management model.


The fact that the product is off the shelf makes it more affordable. Organizations will still have to weigh the advantages of the offering relative to its cost, however.

ExperiencePoint specializes in management development simulations concerned with execution and implementation--"tactics based," in their words. This course has five online components:

* Explore: presentation about the change management model incorporating graphics and text

* Experience: simulation in which a participant implements a change initiative at a fictional company

* Reflect: detailed feedback provided about a participant's performance in the simulation after its completion (or abandonment)

* Apply: decision support templates (i.e., job aids) to assist in participant's "real life" change initiatives

* Share: asynchronous discussion forum on change management thoughts, ideas, and challenges

The product can be used for solo online-only learning. However, nearly all of ExperiencePoint's clients use the simulation in a workshop setting with teams. This use of a business simulation as a centerpiece for teamwork and discussion is increasingly common. It suggests that more learning results from a simulation and classroom model than from a stand-alone simulation.

The simulation is engaging. It involves a company, Global Tech, in need of change because, for the past two years, it has lost money. The participant is cast in the role of a consultant whose objective is to achieve a critical mass of support for the change program. The change initiative that must be implemented is integration of several departments so that Global Tech can better respond to market needs for their core product, global positioning systems.


The objective is to increase key stakeholders' support for the change. A conversion map keeps track of your success or failure. Your goal is 60% buy-in. You gain conversion points by implementing the appropriate tactics at the...

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