Excellent initiatives on environment.

Author:Bilicich, Toncy
Position:UPFRONT - Letter to the editor

As an environmentalist and defender of nature, I think the work being done in the "Land of Children in a Forest of Dreams" is right on target. I have always believed that we have to teach children to protect the environment. They are the ones who have the purity of mind necessary to assimilate, share, and transmit what the world needs to know about ecology.

It was a pleasure to read the article, and I want to congratulate author and photographer Alejandro Balaguer as well as Agricola Chapi's Sustainable Development Director Maria Sonia Arenas. Their work is all the more admirable given the remote location of the program in the outskirts of the city of Ica near Santa Vicenta in Peru and the earthquake-prone, sun-scorched...

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